The God who Nourishes Us

“…no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ does the church, because we are members of his body.”

-Ephesians 5:29-30


My grandma injured her leg in a fall yesterday, and I am recovering from a few overuse injuries, which happen more frequently due to EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome).  I was complaining about my condition this morning, and praying for my grandma.  I voiced my fears and frustrations to God, as I opened my Bible to Ephesians 5 this morning.


I was surprised at the way verses 29 and 30 confronted me.  I nearly cried.  I normally think about Ephesians 5 as talking about marriage relationships.  Being that marriage is a representation of Christ’s relationship with the church, it makes sense that there would be beautiful truths, like the ones in these verses, that, while sandwiched between passages explaining how husbands and wives ought to interact, reveal pearls of truth about the way God interacts with his people.


I care about my body.  I went into a career in health and fitness because I love the way my body enables me to enjoy the world around me to the fullest.  I love hiking and biking and running.  I love having the ability to help those in need, to cuddle, to kiss, to see, smell, taste, hear, talk, touch, and sing.  I can’t imagine life without these abilities, and yet my body tends to tear and fight me pushing it to do more.


I know that God COULD heal me if he wanted to, but he hasn’t yet.  Instead, he leaves me to daily wrestle and writhe, as I balance the desire and need to be active, with the uncertainty of how much is TOO much before my body starts breaking down.  These realities makes me feel like God must just not care or value the abilities of my body as much as I do.


Then I read passages like Ephesians 5:29-30.  I am told that God nourishes and cares for me, a part of his Church, THE WAY HE DOES FOR HIS OWN BODY?!?!  Wow!


I don’t know why God doesn’t heal me, but if the truth is that he nourishes and cares for my body as though it were his own, I can know that my pain is not because of a lack of care or concern.   Surely God cares about himself!  And his word tells me that his care for me is like his care for his own self!!!


I may may not always feel loved; the truth is that I am.  The truth is that “…in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28).  I choose to believe the truth.  I choose to pray that truth for my grandma today, as she goes into surgery for her broken leg.


In honor of grandma, and the God who nourishes us, all the pictures in this post are from grandma’s garden ❤️.



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