About Me

My name is Kristy Johnson.  I love God and the beauty he has made: people, places, words, music, exercise, chocolate, and so much more!  I do not, however, like spiders.

I have been writing since Kindergarten, but I’m pretty sure my craft has improved with time  🙂 .

Join me on a journey into the heart of beauty: being captivated by and transformed into the likeness of it’s Author, God himself.

Please remember, as you read my reflections from this journey, that I, like you, am a work in progress.  I am handling sacred truth, and trusting God for insight, but I may not always get it right the first time around. Where you think I “got it right,” celebrate with me, add to what I have shared, and take what you can.  Where you think I may be wrong, give me grace, pray for and dialogue with me, and may God make truth known to all who seek it in his time.

Note:  Please do not use my words or pictures without attributing them to me and to my blog.  Thank you!